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We make stuff. But is it any good?

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

It's all very well starting something up and making products to sell but does it stand the test of time and can we put our name to it.

Coopers' chopping board test.

Back in January 21 we started a little test on a board with some real "Leave it outside" abuse!

The Test

Snow, frost, rain and then some good old British sun! We left it on the side of the old BBQ then decided to check it out at the end of June.

At first, it didn't look good. We really had given the board some grief, the Oak had faded and was looking a little sorry for itself!

Coopers' chopping board abuse.

After a quick scrub with the famous "Fairy Liquid" and a little treatment with our board butter and it was back in business.

We also tested our Laser Engraving for the first time and are now offering the personalisation service for certain products.

Hand Made

Our great selection of boards are handmade in our workshop and personally finished by us both. We have tried & tested all of our products in our own home environment and are confident you will have endless years of use - that's why we put our name on them!

As with any wood product subjected to sharp objects, there will be wear and tear. When your board is looking a little tired then send it back to us and we will resurface it and bring it back to new without charge. All we ask is you pay for transport. Check our board care info here..

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