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And So It Began

Pandemic boredom - That's where it started.

Well not quite, I was minding my own business cleaning up in the workshop loving some quiet time as most blokes do or did when it all kicked off.

Little did I know this would be the beginning of something very therapeutic and I must say satisfying when you dig into the long lost creative side last seen forty-something years ago!

The Start.

The chopping board fell to bits - I've ordered some hardwood "She Said"

Now those few words above are the start of a story just like thousands of businesses in the past, present and future or to be the end of the Harley Davidson fund and the beginning of a relationship with even more danger. POWER TOOLS!

Guilty of neglect.

While I had been busy in the man cave, Suzy had been busy researching stuff.

I was fortunate to have most of the bigger bits of equipment for cutting wood and making sawdust, noise and more noise but she decided to investigate the gluey stuff and sandpaper. Who knew there were soooo many grades! Then there are the clamp things. Apparently, my little "g" clamps weren't the real deal and she found big sash clamps up to 4 ft long!

So anyway - I was presented with some lines and measurements on a piece of paper and was banished to the man cave. (every blokes wish)

We made something!

Coopers' Chopping Board - oak with an accent

We and other family members were quite impressed with what we had made.

Ok so it's not to everyone's taste but we had made a beast of a board, in fact, we made two, one we use ourselves and the other is in stock ready to go!

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