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Care & Cleaning

We give each board 3 coatings of mineral oil and leave to soak each time then we apply a generous coating of beeswax.  All glues and treatments are totally food safe.

Cleaning Your Board

A quick scrubbing with warm soapy water then dry it off with a towel and stand on its edge to allow airflow around it. Never place it flat on a surface to dry as this will invite warpage.

To remove garlic and onion smells from the board just use either lemon or vinegar leave for a few minutes then rinse.

Maintaining Your Board

Making sure your board is dry then we would suggest using mineral oil for chopping boards. Regular application all over will ensure the wood is kept conditioned. To finish we use beeswax to seal the oil in.

Remember these Don'ts

  • As with any natural product, your board needs looking after. It will age, mature and show signs of use just as any other product does.

  • ​Don't Submerse in water for a prolonged period of time.

  • ​Use in a dishwasher is a NO

  • ​Clean with bleach or other cleaning chemicals.

  • ​Don't treat the board with alcohol (that's for you!)

  • ​Don't treat the board with NUT or SEED oils or any vegetable oils. This will cause a rancid smell. 

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